Why do I do what I do?


So that may seem like a random question to see on a musician's website! But I think its a question that needs to be asked by more artists, as art is a primary force in the shaping of culture. I want to share with you my answer to "Why?"

I believe I exist to bring beauty to the world. To bring peace to the violence. To bring hope to the broken. I have a purpose, and I want to live in it.

My songs cover a wide range of themes. My lyrics explore the many facets of the human experience: broken dreams juxtaposed with hopeful musings; complicated relationships and unrequited love; playful interactions colliding with existential angst. These are the gritty realities of our common search for meaning and belonging. I don't offer easy answers to the messes I describe. But I believe in hope.

My wife Chelsea and I are committed to partnering with others who share our desire to see hope realized. We want to see heaven and earth collide. Jesus taught us to pray "Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done ON EARTH as it is in heaven." We believe that some day peace will be a worldwide reality, so we want to work toward that in the here-and-now. One day, there will be no more hunger, so let's stomp it out now! Poverty will someday be a distant memory, so we will be generous with what we have been given. As above, so below. What would it look like if the world embraced that simple message?

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