150 Million (-1)

Drew Schofield
Drew Schofield


Verse 1:

Take it slow

Come dance with me

All Around the world until we find

Our missing piece

Verse 2

Let it flow

Don't hold your tears

Just abandon the worries of this moment in time

Cast off your fears 



I've got a hundred fifty million reasons why I need you by my side

And if we work together, Baby, We can change the world one life at a time

Somehow I feel my life has just begun

A hundred fifty million minus one

Hey, hey


Verse 3:

Lost and found

We are all the same

Put yourself on the path to where you know you should go

Let the current take


Verse 4:

How can we say

That we love the poor

If we don't even know a single name out of all

The broken in our world   

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